It is truly a calling for our providers and staff to provide care for the patients. It’s not a job! Here is what some of our patients have told us about the care they have received.

This center literally saved my life! I lived for years with a serious condition that endangered my life. As soon as I started coming here, they did everything they could to help me. They explained every step that I needed to take in detail and we walked through the process together. Any questions I had were answered with complete and satisfying solutions. They were genuinely concerned about my health. Also, they maintained the utmost friendly atmosphere while keeping absolute professionalism. Everyone I spoke with from the doctors to the front desk was extremely friendly and accommodating. I have never left this location without a smile. I can finally live my life with a peace of mind and a regulated sleep schedule. If you’re like me and you find yourself needing help, this is the place for you. Thank you so much Dr. Chandra and Dr. Pandit!

-David McKnight

I was having a major problem with sleeping. The wonderful professional staff first put me at ease then guided me thru the steps to a lower blood pressure and a very improved night sleep. Thank you very much to all. See you in my dreams in a good way.

-Bonnie Barr

As a longtime patient of the Advanced Center For Sleep Disorders, I have nothing but amazing things to say about this office. Drs. Chandra, Pandit and their team have taken impeccable care of me all steps of the way, from the front desk to obtaining a CPAP machine. I would highly recommend ACSD for any and all sleep needs that you have — they are more than qualified.

I highly recommend this practice. Excellent quality care.

I saw Dr. Chandra and Dr. Sutton today. Sutton did great and was great to answer questions before Dr. Chandra came in. Dr. Chandra was just fantastic he explained everything to me and he was real aware to let me know what would and would not be covered by insurance, which is always great to know. Every question I had he was more that happy to answer and put it in layman terms. And everyone I came in contact with at the office was just great and enjoyable folks. I would highly recommend this practice to any and everyone in the area needing a true sleep doctor not a doctor with other specialties that has sleep medicine as a side practice. Thank you all so much.

Dr. Chandra first diagnosed my sleep apnea in 2007. Since then, he and his clinical staff have provided excellent care, patiently explaining testing procedures, my diagnosis and the treatment plan. His office staff is likewise helpful and accommodating, both in person and over the phone. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice to anyone who is seeking help for a sleeping disorder. Getting regular, restful sleep will be your reward!

Doctor Chandra is very professional. Staff is friendly. I recommend anyone that has a sleep disorder to go see him. Its made a huge difference in my sleep and the way i feel in the morning.

I have had issues with sleep apnea for quite a while and wasn’t aware how bad it was. I was sleepy and groggy during the day, fell asleep watching TV many times or from sitting still, etc. I had about a 45-minute wait in the exam room before Dr. Chandra came in. He apologized about the delay but after consulting with him I could see how much time he spends with patients would delay his schedule. He explained thoroughly, answered my questions being very patient and kind. Mark at the sleep testing center was excellent and explained how the testing would be done. The results from using my CPAP have been life changing for me. More energy and being less tired has been a welcome result. I have nothing but praise and a good overall experience with the doctor and his caring staff.

Before receiving treatment for my narcolepsy I would fall asleep anytime I felt the slightest bit at ease. I would even fall asleep while walking. I was very depressed and antidepressants alone weren’t helping enough. my cognition and memory were seriously impaired due to sleep deprivation. I would also act out my dreams at night and injured myself various times because of it. When I came to my first appointment Dr. Chandra listened intently to my symptoms and history and afterwards set me up with a sleep study appointment and a medication to help me stay awake until I had a diagnosis. The study showed that I had narcolepsy and I was then started on daily medication for wakefulness and a nightly medication to ensure that I stayed asleep and got restful sleep. Since then my quality of life has improved ten fold. I no longer fall asleep unless I’m trying to. I can actually read books and watch shows and movies. I no longer worry about driving or falling asleep at my work. My depression is now practically non-existent, and I can think and recall clearly. I also no longer act out my dreams. Instead I stay still and asleep through the night and get truly restful sleep. I truly don’t know how I made it so long without treatment. The whole team of doctors, nurse practitioners, techs, and office staff set the bar for compassionate and expert sleep care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Really friendly and nice staff

Very good doctor. Went over everything with us and went fast.