August 7, 2021 — Philips is recalling millions of CPAP machines because of a problem with foam inside the machine breaking up and shedding small particles that users can inhale. Dr. Anuj Chandra, chairman of the Advanced Center for Sleep Disorders, recently explained the recall to WDEF News12, Chattanooga’s CBS affiliate.

“I’ve been in Chattanooga for 27 years. I have not experienced anything like this,” said Dr.Chandra. “The noise abatement foam which is inside the machine for unknown reasons is disintegrating into the hose and people can actually inhale it.”

Though the FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type, Dr. Chandra says it’s best if people get in touch with their doctor. He says, don’t stop using your CPAP without contacting your doctor.

Read our blog post about the recall.

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