Sleep Awareness Week

(March 11, 2018) – The National Sleep Foundation is celebrating its annual Sleep Awareness Week® the week of March 11-17, 2018. Check out their website

At the Advanced Center for Sleep Disorders in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we want to improve sleep health for the well-being of our patients, their families, and the community. Undiagnosed sleep disorders can have adverse effects on a person’s health. If left untreated, sleep disordered breathing can increase risk for cardiac arrhythmias, metabolic disorders, cognitive & behavioral disorders, and other complications. It can also lead to sleepiness & fatigue due to insufficient/non-restorative sleep, and increase risk of accident or injury.

Sleep apnea is just one of many sleep disorders that can result in insufficient sleep quality and resulting fatigue. Insomnia, sleep movement disorders, and narcolepsy are just a few examples of some of the other treatable conditions. Poor sleep hygiene is also a common culprit for sleep-wake cycle disturbances or inadequate sleep duration, and these behaviors can be modified. Unmanaged sleep disorders can also negatively impact the sleep of another household member.

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