7 Quick Tips for Traveling with Your CPAP Machine(February 26, 2024) — If you need CPAP to get a good night’s sleep, that does not change when you travel! Going on the road with your CPAP machine is probably easier than you think. Here are some quick tips.

1. If you are flying always carry your CPAP machine as a carry-on bag. It should not count toward the airline’s carry-on limit. Airport security x-ray machines will not hurt your CPAP.

2. Make sure to carry an extension cord and an adapter plug that works for your destination, including a country-specific plug adapter if you are traveling internationally.

3. Also be sure you have an adapter that will receive your 3-pin CPAP plug and let you plug it into a 2-pin electrical outlet.

4. For a CPAP humidification unit, be sure you have access to purified or distilled water. If you are flying TSA regulations will allow you to carry distilled water in your checked bags, but it is not practical to carry large amounts of water like that.

5. If you are traveling by car, keep your CPAP machine in the passenger compartment with you, rather than in the trunk, to avoid exposure to temperature extremes.

6. If traveling by car, camper, motor home, or boat consider a 12-volt adapter for operating your CPAP from a cigarette lighter plug. But NEVER use CPAP when the vehicle’s engine is running.

7. If your destination is at a significantly higher or lower altitude than your home, check with your sleep specialist. Altitude can affect the performance of your CPAP machine, and the machine may need to be adjusted.

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